WHA Timeline & Abbreviations

The WHA played games from the 1972-73 season through the 1978-79 season.
start with the 1972-73 season teams: 
Alberta OilersNew England Whalers
Chicago CougarsNew York Raiders
Cleveland CrusadersOttawa Nationals
Houston AerosPhiladelphia Blazers
Los Angeles SharksQuebec Nordiques
Minnesota Fighting SaintsWinnipeg Jets
1973-74Alberta Oilers became Edmonton Oilers
1973-74Chicago Cougars switched from Western to Eastern Division
1973-74New York Raiders became New York Golden Blades
1973-74New York Golden Blades became Jersey Knights
1973-74Ottawa Nationals became Toronto Toros
1973-74Philadelphia Blazers became Vancouver Blazers
1973-74Vancouver Blazers switched from Eastern to Western Division
1974-75Realigned into three divisons
1974-75Indianapolis Racers began play
1974-75Jersey Knights became San Diego Mariners
1974-75Los Angeles Sharks became Michigan Stags (Detroit)
1974-75Michigan Stags became Baltimore Blades
1974-75Phoenix Roadrunners began play
1975-76Baltimore Blades folded
1975-76Chicago Cougars folded
1975-76Cincinnati Stingers began play
1975-76Denver Spurs began play
1975-76Denver Spurs became Ottawa Civics
1975-76Ottawa Civics folded after 41 games
1975-76Minnesota Fighting Saints folded after 59 games
1975-76Vancouver Blazers became Calgary Cowboys
1976-77Realigned into two divisions down from three
1976-77Cleveland Crusaders became Minnesota Fighting Saints (2nd)
1976-77Minnesota Fighting Saints (2nd) folded after 42 games
1976-77Toronto Toros became Birmingham Bulls
1977-78Realigned into one division down from two
1977-78Calgary Cowboys folded
1977-78Phoenix Roadrunners folded
1977-78San Diego Mariners folded
1978-79Houston Aeros folded
1978-79Indianapolis Racers folded after 25 games
Alberta AlbAlberta Oilers (1972-73)
Baltimore BalBaltimore Blades (1974-75)
Birmingham BirBirmingham Bulls (1976-77 - 1978-79)
Cal Cowboys CaCCalgary Cowboys (1975-76 - 1976-77)
Chi Cougars ChCChicago Cougars (1972-73 - 1974-75)
Cincinnati CinCincinnati Stingers (1975-76 - 1978-79)
Cle CrusadersClCCleveland Crusaders (1972-73 - 1975-76)
Denver DenDenver Spurs (1975-76)
Edmonton EdmEdmonton Oilers (1973-74 - 1978-79)
Houston HouHouston Aeros (1972-73 - 1977-78)
Indianapolis IndIndianapolis Racers (1974-75 - 1978-79)
Jersey JerJersey Knights (1973-74)
LA Sharks LASLos Angeles Sharks (1972-73 - 1973-74)
Michigan MicMichigan Stags (1974-75)
Min F Saints MiFMinnesota Fighting Saints (2nd) (1976-77)
Min Ftg Snts MFSMinnesota Fighting Saints (1972-73 - 1975-76)
NY Gld BladesNYGNew York Golden Blades (1973-74)
NY Raiders NRaNew York Raiders (1972-73)
New England NE New England Whalers (1972-73 - 1978-79)
Ott Civics OtCOttawa Civics (1975-76)
Ott NationalsOtNOttawa Nationals (1972-73)
Phi Blazers PhBPhiladelphia Blazers (1972-73)
Pho RdrunnersPhRPhoenix Roadrunners (1974-75 - 1976-77)
Quebec QueQuebec Nordiques (1972-73 - 1978-79)
San Diego SD San Diego Mariners (1974-75 - 1976-77)
Tor Toros ToTToronto Toros (1973-74 - 1975-76)
Van Blazers VaBVancouver Blazers (1973-74 - 1974-75)
Winnipeg WinWinnipeg Jets (1972-73 - 1978-79)